Desktop Publishing

Partnering with the CodeMolecules desktop publishing services team allows individuals and organizations to overcome challenges like these five common scenarios -

  • DTP (desktop publishing) requirements for websites and online publishers often vary widely.
  • Completing publishing tasks can be costly and time-consuming.
  • The desktop publishing process is especially challenging when clients operate in multiple time zones and countries with different languages.
  • Obtaining customized desktop publishing services is usually complicated.

To meet these challenges, our team of multilingual desktop publishing experts can help you streamline the DTP process by shifting tasks to CodeMolecules.

Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services

Our DTP services include multilingual desktop publishing, copy editing, layout design and text formatting. We work on publishing projects of all sizes for multiple platforms, formats and languages. The CodeMolecules layout and formatting specialists design publication covers and produce editorial designs for all publishing needs. Our desktop publishing team provides services involving book layout design, magazine layouts and customized prepress services for all publications.

Additional examples of DTP project services available from Flatworld Solutions include document conversions from one format to another, print and online catalogs, brochures, editing illustrations and graphics, flyers, optimizing typography, pamphlets, revising pagination, newsletters and eBooks.

CodeMolecules diverse range of desktop publishing services include -

  • Creating the layout for books and newspapers
  • Creating cover designs
  • Developing graphics
  • Creating brochures, point of sale displays and catalogs
  • DTP photo editing services
  • DTP typesetting services and more