Web Design (Online Training)

Price99 Euro
Application deadlineFebruary 28

Course Details

☆   Concepts of Web Design

Objectives during this module:

• Principles of Web design
• HTTP protocol, World Wide Web
• Web server / Web browser
• Basic elements of a Web page
• Text, images, hyperlinks
• Layout and navigation
• Uploading/downloading
• HTML editors
• Domain registration, Web hosting
• Using cPanel on a standard Web host
• Using Google Analytics

☆  Website Layouts

Objectives during this module:

• The Design Process
• Defining Good Design
• Web Page Anatomy
• Rule of Thirds, Symmetrical / Asymmetrical Balance, Consistence, Emphasis, etc.
• Color Palettes
• Texture
• Typography
• Imagery
• Website Speed and Performance Optimization
• Output Media Considerations

☆  Grid Systems

Objectives during this module:

• Grid Systems in Graphic & Web Design
• Functions of a Grid
• Creating Grid Layouts
• Basic Grid Structures
• Breaking out of the grid
• Responsive Web Design
• CSS Grid Frameworks (Bootstrap 4)

☆  HTML 5

Objectives during this module:

• The structure of a Web page
• DOCTYPE declaration and head elements
• Main HTML tags and their attributes
• Headings, paragraphs, formatting, hyperlinks, images, etc.
• Frames, tables, forms, etc.
• Blocks and layout: HTML grouping tags (div, span)

☆   CSS 3

Objectives during this module:

• CSS syntax: selectors, declarations, rules, properties, values, etc.
• Inline and external CSS, attaching to a HTML document
• IDs, classes, redefining a HTML tag , cascading, etc.
• Properties of: backgrounds, texts, fonts, hyperlinks, tables, etc.
• Box model, outline, margins, padding, etc.
• Dimensions, positioning, display, floating, alignment, etc.

☆   JavaScript/jQuery

Objectives during this module:

• Variables, arrays, basic built-in functions
• Basic language structures: conditional statements and loops
• Form processing & validation
• jQuery: selectors, events, functions
• Document Object Model (DOM) manipulations
• Implementing jQuery plugins
• Canvas element: drawing interactive graphics using JavaScript