PHP 7 Web Application Development

Price230 Euro (20% discount for bachelor students)
Application deadlineMarch 12, 2021

Course Details

☆  Abstract

Many other training companies claim that creating a Web application is easy and can be done by anyone. While this may be true in some cases, we feel that becoming a professional web developer requires an understanding of programming principles, technical implementation, and experienced workflow.
All of our instructors currently work in the industry and therefore are able to deliver insights into the real-world tips, tricks, and techniques used by modern-day web developers. Whether it builds a basic PHP script, interact with MySQL database or developing a fully functional website, we have the course that can help you build the skills to achieve a professional product.

With our training courses, you are able to become a valuable asset to any company. Along with this, our classes will prepare you for future employment by our partnering companies

☆  Who is the course for?

The target population is the group of learners for whom the training is intended. It is critical to define this group in order to design the training appropriately. The audience for possible participants of the training course is from different fields, and includes people from sales & marketing managers to entrepreneurs and business people, like:

• Students
• Web Masters
• IT Professionals
• Entrepreneurs
• Those looking to break into the business of Web applications development

☆  Why should I attend?

By attending a training course in web applications development, people are ready to leap ahead of the pack and get a great skill into their career path, and on the other, some might be able to take their design/development skills to the next level. With what you learn at this in-person training you’ll not only set yourself apart from the average developer but from anyone else who doesn’t attend!
Often the biggest distinction between massively successful developers and “just barely” successful developers is the level of confidence they have about their skills, which affects how they market and how they are able to talk about what they can deliver. With the rock-solid confidence attendees at this training, don’t hesitate to let people know what they can do.

☆  What will be learned?

• Installing & Configuring LAMP/WAMP servers
• Basic PHP Constructs, Structures, and Functions
• MySQL Relational Database Management System
• The Architecture of a Basic Web Application
• Enhancing Security in Web Applications
• Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

☆  Learning methodology (NEW)

Hybrid Learning – e-learning in combination with traditional classroom methods and independent study.

Hybrid Learning includes:

1. In-person classroom activities facilitated by the lecturer with direct interaction.
2. Online learning materials, including pre & the past, recorded lectures.
3. Structured independent study time guided by the course material.
4. Unique video conference platform with screen sharing opportunity, high definition video (1280×720) and online class forum.

☆  Module details

• Installing and configuring a LAMP server
• Using PHPStorm Integrated Development Environment
• Variables, Constants, Datatypes, Arrays
• Operators and Expressions
• PHP Control Structures
• Embedding PHP within HTML
• String Manipulation and Regular Expressions
• Reusing Code and Writing Functions
• Dynamically Building an HTML element
• Interacting with the File System and the Server
• Form Processing, Validating and Sanitizing User Input
• Handling File Uploads
• Designing an SEO Friendly URL Structure
• Using PHP Sessions/Cookies to Store Data
• Implementing Authentication and Authorization
• Searching and Filtering Database Results
• PHP and JavaScript Interaction – AJAX, JSON
• Object Oriented Programming
• Classes, properties, methods, objects, encapsulation, inheritance, etc.
• Composer, packages, auto-loading
• Template engines (Twig)
• Routing
• Understanding the Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture
• Building a fully functional e-commerce application
• Deployment of the application to the production server

☆   Objectives during this module

• Relational Database Management Systems
• Designing a MySQL Database
• Using PhpMyAdmin to work with a MySQL Database
• Using MySQLi (MySQL Improved Extension)
• Building Basic SQL Queries (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE)
• Building Advanced SQL Queries (WHERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, LIMIT, JOIN)
• SQL Injection Attacks Prevention
• Accessing a Database from the Web with PHP

☆   Course pre-requisties

• An ambition to be a creative professional
• Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript
• Basic Knowledge of English, writing/reading
• 16+ years old